Welcome to Join Us!  Together, we prosper !

Always, People are the Heart and Soul of a Business!

We are hiring:

Our Team is faster growing and expanding. We have 4 branch offices in San Francisco Bay Area now and we need solid, sincere and enthusiastic people as our new:

  • Branch Office Manger
  • Team leader
  • Real Estate & Loan Agents
  • Loan processors
  • Real Estate coordinators

Words from Broker Cindy (Xin) Liu

  • I believe everyone can shine as a star with proper train, guide and support.

There are so many opportunities in both real estate and mortgage. You can dig deep in either field or both field  and make it your own or share with customers.

With over 10+yrs experience in both real estate and mortgage, I feel I still love and enjoy this highly rewarding business. It’s so related to people’s life and a good transaction can bring customer and you lots of pleasure and fulfillment.

Many agents think become a high producer is good enough. But we want you be “star”. We believe everyone can become a Star through proper train, guild and team support.

I had many different type of agents in our team. Some agents sell so well, some are experts in special fields like land, farm and restaurants, some are expert to find great deals and make quick fortune, some can even build and develop a large project for better profits. Some take advantage of little time but close solidly. I call those people “Stars”. If sky has no star, it’s not shining. If a star doesn’t reflect lights from the other star and always shine lonely, it won’t as bright as it can be in a group of stars.

I named our company “StarRiver” for the wish of this company to be a great platform for all type of agents, like a shining flowing river, full of stars, very energetic and keep on moving forward.

No matter you are a newcomer or an experienced agent, we hope to bring you to next level and become a better agent. Not only to close more deals and earn more money, but also to become a powerful agent who can ride the market trend all the time.

My duty is to help agents who join us to their max potential.

My point of view is simple:

  • No matter for what career,  choosing a good company to start and stay is crucial. Why walk longer when you can walk shorter?
  • People always need good friends, team mates and leaders to encourage, stimulate and help.
  • People never know what he/her can do unless he/she reach there.
  • It’s very hard for people to stay at top by himself. Team work can help people scale up more easily.
  • Customized training focused more on individual needs is very effective training.
  • Time to time agent evaluation help agent realize where they are in the market and where to go next.  Many company cares too much on high volume producers but ignored the whole team performance.
  • We encourage agent get both real estate and mortgage license to better serve customer and close both side.
  • We believe knowledge, work attitude and service quality differentiate an agent from normal. We help people work smart.
  • We believe consistency is the key to this very competitive, stressful and challenge but highly rewarding business.
  • Good ethic, good heart and good care to people is always the long time winning spirit.

Company Strength:

  • One stop shop to help agent close more deals in a fast and easy way
    • StarRiver Inc. has licensed as both real estate and mortgage brokerage. Close deals on both sides and become customer one stop shop. Gain efficiency, customer satisfaction and great trust!
  • 4 office branches in key market of bay area help agent meet local customer conveniently.
  • Strong networking , connections and college recognition
    • Teammates enjoy relationships benefits accumulated through years of group work
  • Team up with other over 80+ agents and staff for team power
    • Enjoy group benefits from large transaction volumes and local recognition
    • Share and learn from team experience, market view and skills.
    • Stimulated by other agent’s performance, keep yourself stay in competition
    • Never afraid not able to close some deal because of lack of knowledge and experience.
    • Potential to close deals in unfamiliar area by leveraging co-workers.
  • Potential to work for larger territories:  We are member of  RE infolink (South Bay): www.reinfolink.comParagon MLS (East Bay), Silicon Valley Association of Realtors which cover San Mateo and Santa Clara County which is Peninsular and South Bay, MLSAlliance(South bay up to Santa Cruz and Monterey county), Bay East Association of realtors (Contra Costa and Alameda County,  which include East Bay, Tri-City and Tri-Valley Area: San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin etc.).
  • Approved by many major wholesale lenders. With group volume, agent enjoy tier-1 lower interest rate, better service and extra bonus, so you will :
    • Never afraid rate is not competitive enough.
    • Never afraid of lack of support. We have very experienced loan processing team to help you close.
    • Never afraid of difficult and complicated transactions. We got exceptions from lender all the time.
    • Never afraid not enough lenders to switch loans if a loan was rejected by one lender.
  • Enjoy great team training and stay up-to-date

  • Full-time team support.
    • Won’t be a one man shop anymore
    • Private loan processor or transaction coordinator ready for use
  • Stay Up to date for hardware and software technology

    • Great tools to help you work more efficient
    • Remote control system to help you work anywhere
    • Better pipeline management, accounting and report system to save your efforts.
  • Higher Commission split based on Performance and experience
    • Higher split with higher volume
    • or Higher split for longer serving experience
  • Great logistic system to keep agent compliance and mind free
    • Transaction will be audited and QC archived to help your compliance need for license
    • Fast and accurate check split

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