How to become a real estate agent or broker?

Real Estate is a big industry and people make money from real estate all the time. It makes every sense to get yourself licensed if you can close 2 -3 real estate transactions annually. We highly encourage people to get their own real estate license and join our team. It’s a great business and good agent still in great demand and short of supply.

Here will be something related to be licensed.

Real Estate Agent license same as Real Estate Salesperson License is issued and managed by CA BRE (California Bureau of Real Estate). The licensee must work under licensed brokerage and supervised by licensed broker. This will be suitable for people focus on sales and good at working with people.

Real Estate Broker license allows licensee to independently operate and recruit team but has more requirements than salesperson license. This will be good for people who would like to be a team leader and take more responsibility for operation management. Licensee can also work under another broker licensee as associated broker.

Renew License Requirement:

  • All licensee will need to be renewed every 4 year
  • Need to complete continue education, credit, financial and background check requirements
  • Submit renew application
  • Pay renew fees
  • Get approved
  • Click for more info about License renew

As Real Estate Agent

You need to:

As Independent Real Estate Broker

You need to:

  • Finish CA BRE requirement for broker and has a commercial business address
  • Min 2 year experience in last 5 year
  • Required pre-licensing education (5 core courses+ 3 option courses).
  • Pass the federal and state mortgage broker test
  • Submit Company application , Broker Application and pay fees for both Company and individual.
  • Recruit team and staff for accounting, auditing and operation etc.
  • Stay in compliance with all authority regulations and laws.