For Tenant

Steps to Apply for one of our rental property

  • Download our tenant application and filled out as much as possible.
  • Submit your income, financial and  credit report and other documents when necessary, normally we will need:
    • 2yr W2s or tax return
    • 1 month pay stub
    • 2 month bank statements
    • Driver license front and back of all adults
  • Most recent credit report (Must be less than 3 month, otherwise tenant to use to sent us  their credit report (Cost is $30) and the report will be emailed to us
  • We will preview all tenant application received at a due date and pick one or two candidate
  • We will send out the formal lease for candidate to review.
  • Whoever called us to schedule a lease sign-up meeting with us and bring deposit check, first month rent will get the property.  You will sign the lease and all related rules etc at the same time.
  • We will give you keys of the property and an important form of “Move in and Move Out” (MIMO) Form.
  • Within 14 days, you should fill all findings of the condition of the property on MIMO form and return to us. If you didn’t return the form to us, we will consider there is no pre-condition of the property.
  • Any issues, please take photos and send to us at or txt to 408-3731778 as a record. You will need to keep those photos as well so that we can do comparisons when you move out. It will directly affect your security deposit, so please be serious and crystal clear about that.

Where to deposit rent?

  • On your lease, there will be a written payable name and Bank of American account info and that’s where you should put deposit.
  • Your rent will be either pay to StarRiver Inc or Xin Liu (The broker)’s Rent Collection Account by 1st of each month.
  • If rent is deposited before grace period, there is no late charge. Otherwise, the late charge will be collected according to the lease.
  • If rent delayed after grace period, we will send out 3 day notice and start eviction process.

Frequent-using Rules and Disclosures

  • Bedbug Addendum
  • Crime free and drug free
  • House rule
  • Renter Insurance Addendum
  • Smoke detector and carbon-oxide detector Addendum
  • Tenant facility using addendum
  • Online folder and package

Rule for Deposit-Return

  • After totally vacant the property your are renting then you can schedule a final walk-through inspection with staff of the property manager company
  • Please bring the “Move-in and Move-out” form which we have given you and you supposed to filled at beginning of the lease. Some tenant never return it to us and we will consider that as no pre-conditions of the property.
  • At the final walk-through inspection, the property manager o


  • How to report any repairs?
    • TXT 408-3731778 or 408460-1816 immediately.
    • Call the home warranty company and schedule a work order
  • What kind of repair will be covered by owner and what’s not?
    • Normally when you start the lease, the property should be deliver to you in working order
    • Any disorder or repair should be reported to Property Manager through “Move-in and Move Out” Form which will be given you at beginning of your lease. The property manager or landlord will honor those findings.  If you never return this forms to us, we will think
    • Owner will cover normal wear and tear but not improper use such as toilet / bathroom clogging etc.
    • Owner will not cover small maintenance like changing light bulb etc. (Basically things or parts cost under $35).