Real Estate Report and Disclosures

Real Estate is normally priced at ten thousand dollars or millions. The more info being found out or disclosed upfront about the property, the less legal issue or dis-satisfaction for all parties.

So this is what we called real estate reports and disclosures part.  Company who provide those services are normally professional company or licensed people who specialized in that aspect. Normally buyer or seller just order the needed service from those qualified professional services. Of course, it’s not free service.

  • Disclosures
    • Seller need to disclose all known or unknown info about the subject property for buyer to consider.
  • Inspection Reports:
    • Buyer can order whatever they want about the subject property for professional inspection and evaluation to avoid future loss or repair cost
    • It’s highly recommend buyer to do all kinds of reports but he/she also needs to balance cost to spent and necessity.

Residential Report and Disclosures

In a residential real estate transaction, we frequently see the following report.

  • Government reports, handout and guide for safety and home purchase
  • NHDS (Natural Hazard Disclosure Report)
    • Reports nearby environmental issues or concerns, property tax or insurance claim info (CLUE)etc.
  • Home General Report
    • Basic opinion about foundation, structure, plumbing, electrical etc. interior and exterior conditions of the property
    • It will tell you what’s need to be repaired ASAP, what need delayed maintenance, what can potentially be a problem etc.
  • Termite Inspection Report
    • Inspect and evaluate damage of wood destroying pest include dry-wood and sub-terrain termite. It even includes fungus and wet area issues since that’s places easy to cause termite issue.
    • List section 1 and section 2 issues and treatment cost. Section 1 normally are big issues needs to be taken care of, section 2 are normally small issues which might be a problem. Treatment can be either using chemical gas like fumigation, inject chemical to the earth or replace physical woods or plumbing parts.
    • Will be a public report for everyone to assess
    • Normally no need for HOA managed properties.
  • Roof Report
    • Roof age and condition, also include cost of repair.
    • Normally no need for HOA managed properties.

Sometimes people might also need to order the following reports for further inspection:

  • Pool reports
  • Foundation reports
  • Chimney reports
  • Survey to decide where is the boundary
  • Arborist reports etc.

Commercial Report and Disclosures

For Commercial real estate transaction, except those regular report, there might be even more complicated disclosure requirements and buyer can order specifically.


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